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Florida trustees select Sasse as president

Senator Ben Sasse was unanimously selected by trustees as the next president of the University of Florida, despite protests related to both the search and the candidate.

Senator Ben Sasse, a middle-aged white man with dark hair wearing a business suit.

Free speech concerns prompt calls to shun Yale Law grads

Lingering free speech concerns from past events at Yale Law School prompt a conservative judge to call for his colleagues to avoid hiring graduates as clerks.

A blue banner with the word "Law" on it hangs on a light post.

Maine Augusta to begin second presidential search in a year

The University of Maine at Augusta is relaunching a presidential search after the last one failed because system leaders withheld information about the candidate they selected.

Maine chancellor Dannel Malloy, a white man with glasses and dark hair.

Campus leaders accuse Michigan State board of overstepping


A Title IX compliance review casts new light on the effort to push out Michigan State’s president. But another battle—over allegations of an overstepping board—is also underway.

Autumn leaves at Michigan State University.

Faculty members oppose trustees' plan to review DEI language

Trustees at Lakeland Community College plan to review diversity, equity and inclusion language in the institution’s plans and policies. Faculty members are speaking out against the decision.

Exterior view of a Lakeland Community college building.

Florida chancellor search yielded only eight applicants

Only eight applicants applied to lead the State University System of Florida, a job that went to Ray Rodrigues, a Florida state senator and ally of Republican governor Ron DeSantis.

Ray Rodrigues, a light-skinned man with receding dark hair wearing a business suit.

Why Emporia State axed 33 employees

Emporia State cut tenured faculty as part of a controversial workforce-management policy. Officials promise a reinvestment of resources, but critics distrust leadership and fear the worst.

Emporia State president Ken Hush, a white man with gray hair and glasses wearing a business suit in front of an Emporia State backdrop.

President, trustees in standoff at Michigan State


Michigan State trustees are trying to push the president out for reasons that remain unclear. Meanwhile, the president and trustees are trading accusations on alleged Title IX missteps.

Michigan State's Beaumont Tower, surrounded by green trees.

Some trustees aim to oust Michigan State president

Michigan State’s president is under pressure to resign or be fired. The Board of Trustees chair blames rogue trustees for the “misguided” move, but details remain sparse.

Dr. Samuel L. Stanley Jr., a middle-aged white man with light hair and wearing a business suit.

Florida A&M's football woes spotlight lack of resources

Florida A&M’s football team called out administrators after 26 players were declared ineligible for the season opener. Now the university is facing calls for accountability.

Willie Simmons and Deion Sanders, both Black men in athletic wear and baseball caps, confer during a game.


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