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Michigan State scraps in-person undergraduate classes for fall, Notre Dame suspends for 2 weeks

Notre Dame suspends in-person classes for two weeks amid rising case counts. Michigan State calls off in-person instruction for the fall, less than two weeks before students were to return to campus.


Swiss bring apprenticeships to Salt Lake Community College

New program uses the European model to give students training for advanced manufacturing through a hybrid model blending an apprenticeship with coursework at Salt Lake Community College.


What's at stake in the search for a new president at Miami Dade College

As the board of Miami Dade College moves to find a new president, experts discuss what's at stake for the community college that leads the nation in educating students from underrepresented minority groups.


Detroit colleges tackle dropout challenge by offering debt forgiveness

Wayne State University and other colleges in the region are seeking to boost graduation rates by forgiving outstanding balances of students who left without earning a degree.


Arizona State changes course on global freshman academy

ASU's for-credit MOOC experiment with edX didn’t meet expectations for completion or certification. The university has quietly moved in a new direction.

Full repeal of Pell ban in prisons top of mind at annual convening on Second Chance pilot

At an annual meeting of supporters of the Second Chance Pell pilot program, many attendees focused on full reinstatement of federal aid for incarcerated students.


Debate over proposed expansion of Pell Grants to short-term job training

Lawmakers consider expanding Pell Grants to short-term job training, with backing from community colleges and business groups, while critics question the payoff for short-term programs.


Democrats take aim at student loan alternative and colleges that offer income-share agreements

Senator Elizabeth Warren and congressional Democrats question Trump administration's plans to back income-share agreements -- and demand answers from colleges offering the financing, too.


Updated College Scorecard puts spotlight on graduate student borrowing

New data from Education Department put spotlight on high borrowing for some graduate programs. But experts are skeptical more information on students alone will move the needle on enrollment decisions.


Trump administration releases new program-level loan data

Trump administration releases new program-level data on student loans in update to College Scorecard, a first step toward producing outcomes for all college programs.



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