Academic administration

Colleges start new academic programs

One women's college introduces a hybrid degree program to help women juggle their education with other demands

A women's college is phasing out a weekend college that was once key to serving adult students -- and replacing it with a hybrid program.

Study links procrastination and bogus excuses by German university students

In Germany, university students who delay their work are more likely than others to lie about it and to engage in other forms of academic misconduct, study finds.

14th Annual Latino Higher Education Leadership Institute

Sat, 10/10/2015


4441 Collins Avenue
Miami , Florida 33140
United States

Kennesaw State apologizes to student who posted video of how he was treated by advisor

Kennesaw State apologizes to student whose video of his interaction with adviser went viral, and pledges to cut student-to-adviser ratio. But there are no easy formulas for such ratios.

Two-year transfers are finding not all of their credits go with them

In many states, community colleges and four-year institutions renew efforts to promote seamless transfer.

British universities prepare for American-style grade point averages

As American-style grade point averages cross the pond, the question remains whether a 4.0 can ever equal a "first."


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