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For-profit woes means less work for adjuncts

Sliding enrollments at for-profit colleges mean less work for adjuncts who teach online. And these faculty cutbacks happen quietly, and sometimes without much warning.

Study casts doubt on idea that spending more per student leads to better educational outcomes


Study questions the relationship between how much colleges spend on education, and the quality of education that they provide.

Study finds that increased parental support for college results in lower grades


The more financial support parents provide for college costs, the lower their children's grades, national study finds.

In lawsuit, Texas Tech professor says his views on tenure have cost him promotions

In an unusual twist, a Texas Tech professor is suing the university for allegedly denying him high-profile jobs based on his skepticism of a status most faculty members want.

Proposed policy at Florida Gulf Coast raises question of what a university is entitled to track about faculty members

Proposed policy at Florida Gulf Coast U. raises question of what a university is entitled to track about every professor.

Temple University faces scrutiny over rejection of African-American studies department's choice as chair

Temple was the first institution to offer a doctorate in African-American studies and has seen heated debates over the discipline's direction. The rejection of the department's choice as chair has set off a new controversy.

U. of Missouri moves toward giving adjuncts voting rights in faculty governance


U. of Missouri at Columbia considers becoming the latest institution where shared governance includes those off the tenure track.

Study finds that liberal arts colleges are disappearing


Study finds a significant decline over the last 20 years in number of institutions whose missions align with the sector.

U.Va. board retreat focuses on structure and attitudes

In second half of retreat, U.Va. board focuses on how to restructure and divide responsibility between board and president, with lessons that might be applicable to other boards.

U.Va. board tries to move past leadership controversy

At first meeting since its leadership controversy in June, U.Va.’s board tries to move past mistakes and begin to confront emerging challenges.


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