Academic advising

Congress puts more focus on student parents with new funding

Congress triples federal funding for low-income student parents, and advocates welcome the support -- the first new investment in years -- but say much more is needed.

Signaling confidence in liberal arts education, DePauw commits to 100% employment for graduates

Trying to counter public perception that the liberal arts aren’t worth it, DePauw promises all graduates will have a job or other preferred outcome within six months.

Proactive advising leads to retention and graduation gains for colleges

Retention and graduation rates increase for community colleges that beef up or get creative with their student advising services.

Nearly a third of students change major within three years -- math majors the most

Graduates with math degrees fare well on the job market, but a greater share of students leave the major than any other, new federal data show. Are those students making a bad choice?

Unusual approach to tuition assistance for McDonald's employees

McDonald’s brings a flexible approach and free career and college advising to its tuition assistance program, which is aimed in part at keeping employees on the job longer.

Increasing share of good-paying jobs go to college graduates

Associate and four-year degrees lead to a growing share of well-paying jobs, study finds, as struggles increase for workers with only a high school credential.

SUNY Buffalo boosts graduation rates with 'Finish in 4' pledge

The State University of New York at Buffalo has made big gains on its graduation rates, thanks in part to a "Finish in 4" pledge that features real commitments by students and the university alike.

Allowing devices in the classroom hurts academic performance, study finds

Study by faculty members at West Point finds students perform better academically when laptops and tablets are banned from the classroom.

Scrutiny for U of Akron's decision to go with unproven student success company

After eliminating dozens of student services jobs, the University of Akron hired a company with no higher ed footprint to provide "success coaching" to students, in large part because it cost less.

NSSE 2014 finds size, selectivity make little difference in student engagement

New NSSE results question link between selectivity and student engagement, and suggest that colleges may need to focus more on student sleeping habits and academic advising.


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