Why does Florida have so many failed leadership searches?

A search for a president at Florida Gulf Coast University and a provost at the University of South Florida both failed recently. Critics see the failures as fallout from Florida’s thorny politics.

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, speaks during the rally, in front of a screen that says "Freedom Lives Here."

Ohio State president stays quiet on resignation

Kristina Johnson is stepping down as Ohio State’s president. She’s denied initial reports that she resigned under investigation but remains tight-lipped about her decision.

Kristina Johnson, a white woman with light hair wearing red and black academic regalia.

Jerry Falwell Jr. on his legacy, his health and his father

Jerry Falwell Jr. built Liberty University up before resigning as president amid a sex scandal. Now he’s banned from campus and locked in conflict with the institution his father founded.

Jerry Falwell Jr., a white man with a salt-and-pepper beard, stands at a lectern.

Broken severance agreement leads to $4 million settlement

In 2015 College of DuPage trustees fired the president, refused to pay a $763,000 severance and dared him to file a lawsuit. He did. Now the college is settling for $4 million.

Robert Breuder, an older white man wearing a business suit.

Cabrini University makes public appeal for partnerships

The Pennsylvania university is cutting administrative posts amid declining enrollment and a financial deficit. Now administrators are actively seeking partnerships.

A lamppost with the blue and yellow Cabrini banner on its crossbar.

Endowment returns drop across higher education

Fiscal year 2021 brought booming returns to higher education endowments. But for many institutions, things look a lot less rosy this year.

A composite photo showing stock prices and the Wall Street sign.

Montclair State and Bloomfield College move ahead on merger

Bloomfield announced last fall that it needed a strategic partner to remain viable. Montclair State University stepped up, and now a formal merger process is underway.

Marcheta Evans, a Black woman wearing a red suit, speaks at a lectern in front of a Bloomfield College backdrop.

Two colleges flounder under opaque for-profit owners

Ambow Education purchased Bay State College in 2017 and the NewSchool of Architecture & Design in 2020. Now critics say both institutions are in shambles.

An illustration of Benjamin Franklin's portrait from the $100 bill, with a downward-sloping line superimposed over it.

Michigan State president out after battle with trustees

The Michigan State Board of Trustees has been trying to push the university president out since September. After initially holding on, Dr. Samuel Stanley Jr. is now stepping down.

Dr. Samuel L. Stanley Jr., a middle-aged white man wearing a business suit and a tie in Spartan green.

Patty Limerick speaks out on her dismissal from her center


Patty Limerick speaks out on her abrupt firing from the Center of the American West, which she co-founded in 1986. CU Boulder found she mixed the personal and professional; she says what was once her strength suddenly became a liability.

Patty Limerick, a white woman with long dark hair.


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