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College applications are decreasing

Common Application reports declines of 8 percent. Applications for first-generation students and those eligible for fee waivers are down 16 percent.

Students' admission rescinded in response to racist online speech

Incoming and current college students are being reported to their universities for racist speech on social media related to national discussions on police brutality and racial injustice.

Gap years and delayed enrollment may be a concern during pandemic

More students are looking at delaying their enrollment in college. What effect will that have on educational outcomes?

Bloomberg proposal renews debate over legacy admissions

Michael Bloomberg's higher education plan and controversial remarks by Northwestern's president have renewed scrutiny of colleges giving children of alumni preferential treatment in admissions.

University of California faculty decline to endorse test-optional admissions


The University of California's Academic Senate declines to endorse test-optional admissions policies for the system.

Feds release broader data on socioeconomic status and college enrollment and completion

Family wealth is linked to students' odds of enrolling and graduating from college, according to new federal data, as well as the type and selectivity of college they attend.

Former dean says he was made to be scapegoat in rankings scandal at Temple

Former dean of Temple business school, which admitted the fabrication of data for rankings, says he has been made into a scapegoat and had his reputation tarnished unfairly. University vows to fight in court.

Democratic lawmakers join chorus of critics on higher education as engine of inequality

Scandal and data are fueling a growing belief that higher education is rigged for the wealthy, and are motivating Democratic allies to consider a harsher stance with the industry.

Wake Forest professors demand that university do more about photographs of admissions leaders

Arts and sciences faculty vote overwhelmingly to condemn university's response to discovery that two admissions leaders -- while students in the 1980s -- posed in front of Confederate flags.

Admissions scandal focuses attention on legal donations by parents of applicants

Admissions scandal focuses attention on donations from parents of applicants. Should Congress do something about such philanthropy?


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