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High school students and counselors are burned out

Frustrations have not disappeared at schools that are open but changed by the pandemic.

College enrollments continue to drop this fall

Experts hoped college enrollments would rebound this fall. New data show that while selective institutions have seen their numbers recover, most others continue to struggle.


New federal data confirm enrollment declines


New preliminary data on fall 2020 from the U.S. Department of Education confirm declines in enrollment and retention.


More colleges embrace fee-free applications

More colleges embrace the idea, but some worry about the lost revenue.

Experts split on impact of coronavirus on next admissions cycle

Some are removing colleges that are in states with poor records on coronavirus -- regardless of the qualities of the college. Others aren't considering location as a factor.

Ex-dean at Temple indicted on charges of manipulating rankings

Two other former officials also face charges. U.S. News allegedly gave them the idea by saying that it doesn't audit the information colleges send.

Will free summer classes and scholarships bring students back to community colleges?

Desperate to slow the steep decline of entering students, community colleges are getting creative and offering scholarships, complimentary laptops and free summer courses to high school graduates who enroll.


College applications are decreasing

Common Application reports declines of 8 percent. Applications for first-generation students and those eligible for fee waivers are down 16 percent.

Students' admission rescinded in response to racist online speech

Incoming and current college students are being reported to their universities for racist speech on social media related to national discussions on police brutality and racial injustice.


Gap years and delayed enrollment may be a concern during pandemic

More students are looking at delaying their enrollment in college. What effect will that have on educational outcomes?



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