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A roundup of admissions news in the week

Foreign language enrollments drop; drug offenses and student aid; another admissions letter snafu.

A roundup of admissions news in the last week

Random roommates only; wealthy parents; Obama scholarships.

Criticism of College Board and its response to Florida high school tragedy continues

A second apology sets off yet more anger.

Article raises questions of why some colleges check on applicants' parents' visa status

Some colleges continue to ask applicants who are legal residents of the U.S. about their parents' status.

Essay considers the value of consistency in college admissions policies

Colleges may have motives to be inconsistent in admissions decisions, but high school counselors rely on some degree of consistency, writes Jim Jump.

Experts on admissions marketing consider the value of making potential applicants laugh

Colleges bombard bright high school students with pitches. Will an unexpected bit of humor motivate them to look more seriously at an institution?

More colleges join movement to reassure students pushing for tougher gun laws

More colleges announce that students who are suspended for participating in peaceful activism will not be hurt in admissions process.

Analysis suggests that mandatory college entrance testing changes enrollment patterns

States that require all high schoolers to take SAT or ACT see gains in enrollment of low-income students, analysis finds.

Essay on responses in the admissions world to the deadly shooting at a Florida high school

Jim Jump reviews the way college admissions officials have responded to the tragic killings at a Florida high school.


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