Western accreditor will consider approving colleges outside its region

Freed by new U.S. rules, the accrediting agency for California, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands will review colleges outside its region -- the first regional accreditor to make such a move.


Advocates for student learning assessment say it's time for a different approach

At accrediting conference, panelists acknowledge that effort to measure learning outcomes has been a "hot mess" and that it's time for a better approach.


Summer probations raise the question of when an accreditor should disclose a college's status

What students don't immediately know about a college being placed on probation won't hurt them. Will it?


Survey: Business leaders believe students are learning skills but not those needed to advance

A new survey reveals that not only do business executives value college, they want students with skills associated with the liberal arts.


Western accrediting agency picks unconventional new leader

Jamie Studley, former key Education Department official, will lead the Western region's accrediting agency, part of an industry her Obama administration bosses chastised.


Online university picks pace over prestige on path to accreditation

Arkansas’s new public online university chooses national accreditor over its regional agency, raising questions about pace, prestige and the state of quality assurance.


'Bright line' indicators, student outcomes dominate discussion of federal accreditation panel

At meeting of federal advisory panel, some members push accreditors to set “bright lines” for colleges’ performance, while others caution against oversimplification.


Experts talk about the college completion push and what comes next


The college completion agenda reaches an inflection point as the Obama administration ends and the nation increasingly focuses on jobs and college value. Experts assess shifts in the completion push and what comes next.


Study: Higher ed accountability should be based on multiple metrics, not one

Focus on any single labor market metric to judge colleges’ outcomes will create flawed policy, but a mix of such measures can help evaluate institutions’ performance, scholarly study finds.


Regional accreditors refocus on institutions with low grad rates

Responding to sharp criticism, regional accrediting agencies will focus extra attention on institutions with below-average performance.



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