Regional accreditors align their actions and the procedures they use to impose them

In effort to ward off mounting criticism of accreditation, the seven regional agencies collaborate to align their punishments and how they impose them.

New America report takes aim at private college lobby on student unit record system

A think tank report calls out the private college lobby for opposing a national database on students, which proponents say would bring much-needed accountability to higher education. 

Provosts, business leaders disagree on graduates' career readiness

New surveys reveal big disparities in how business leaders and the public view higher education and graduates' work force readiness, with some surprising results.

California agency scrutinizes newfangled providers of tech training

A California agency's threatening letters to a new cadre of technology training providers spotlight anew the tension between protecting consumers and encouraging innovation.

Gallup-Purdue study will measure graduates' quality of life outcomes

Largest-ever study of American graduates will look at quality-of-life measures beyond job attainment and compensation, but some question what it says about colleges.

Debating role of student learning in federal ratings plan

At annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, much discussion – but no consensus – on how student learning outcomes might (or should) fit into a proposed federal ratings system.

Researchers cast doubt about early warning systems' effect on retention

In two separate analyses, researchers cast doubt about claims made by Purdue on the impact of its early-warning system on retention.

Can colleges build students' cultural capital? And should they?

Academic and student affairs officers discuss their responsibilities to help first-generation students overcome deficits in exposure to arts and culture -- and the pros and cons of requirements.

U.S. adults rank below average in global survey of basic education skills

The United States ranks low in basic proficiency language and numeracy skills in a survey of 24 countries, even though its citizens are comparatively highly educated.

Congressional panel hears criticism of 'broken' accreditation system

Congressional panel hears from accreditors and their critics, and appears to sympathize with the latter.


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