The Part-Time Impact

Students not enrolled full time have less faculty interaction -- and so do full-timers at colleges with many part-timers, study finds.

Defining Accountability

Policy makers urged to focus on incentives their rules create for colleges.

Redefining Access and Success

24 public college systems develop new way of counting enrollments and completion rates -- which show they have long way to go to close achievement gaps for minority and needy students.

A For-Profit Accountability System?

U. of Phoenix's annual report of academic data, though imperfect, show the university's strengths and weaknesses. Why aren't other career colleges disclosing similar information?

The Assessment Gap

At accreditor's meeting, common refrain is that while everyone is assessing, far too many aren't doing much with results. Temple officials offer incremental strategy.

Boosting Math Standards

Public college systems in Maryland, Kentucky and New York increase admissions requirements or placement thresholds for credit-bearing courses in mathematics, a subject in which many entering college students are ill prepared.

Scrutiny for an Accreditor

Unhappy with regional agency's judgment in one university's case, inspector general urges Education Department to consider revoking its recognition.

True Costs of Student Success

Report finds that many colleges judge retention programs based purely on outcomes, not cost, providing incomplete picture of their effectiveness; it offers method for doing both.

Freshmen Abandon Business

Amid recession, incoming students find field of study less appealing than ever, according to national survey.

Students' 'Episodic' Engagement

WASHINGTON -- Jim comes to college with big academic ambitions, struggles with his grades as he balances course work with basketball and a social life, but emerges having found a career path that flows from his interest in sports.

Yasmin, a high school overachiever like many of her peers of South Asian descent, gets A's and B's but feels like her grades aren't good, values social relationships over her mostly "boring" courses, and seems to relish her academic work only at the point (in her junior year) when she sees it as linked to her to her personal and family life.


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