Baylor University regents fire head football coach; Ken Starr steps aside

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Ken Starr resigns as president. University fires football coach. Analysis released by institution finds numerous cases in which it mishandled sexual violence involving football players.

Baylor University prepares to fire president over handling of assaults

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With board considering firing president amid growing allegations the university looked the other way on sexual assaults involving football players, Starr is expected to resign.

U of Idaho's football program to depart Football Bowl Subdivision

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In a first for the NCAA's Football Bowl Subdivision, the University of Idaho's struggling team is abandoning college football's top level, a reset its president says is best for the institution.

Two teams facing charges of academic fraud meet in NCAA basketball tournament

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Syracuse U and the U of North Carolina meet in Final Four of men's basketball, following season when one team's coach missed nine games for NCAA violations and the other remained under investigation for high-profile case of academic fraud.

Black athletes in wealthiest conferences continue to graduate at low rates

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Just half of black male athletes at the 65 top football and basketball institutions graduate within six years, a new study found. Other black students and other athletes fare much better at most colleges.

Who would win the NCAA women's tournament if games were decided by academic performance?

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Inside Higher Ed's fifth annual academic bracket for the NCAA women's basketball tournament. And the winner is ...

Who would win the NCAA tournament if the games were decided by academic performance?

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Inside Higher Ed's 11th annual academic bracket for the NCAA men's basketball tournament. And the winner is ...

Athletes express frustration at lack of 'significant legislation' at NCAA meeting

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At NCAA meeting, top conferences frustrate athletes by tabling proposals about time demands, but pass legislation granting full authority to team physicians and trainers in decisions involving injured players.

Power Five to vote on time requirements for athletes, new concussion policy

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At NCAA convention, Division I will vote on giving medical staff "unchallengeable authority" in injury decisions and on lessening time commitments for athletics. Division II will weigh longer preseason for basketball, and Division III will debate more communication with recruits.

96 Division I colleges violated major NCAA rules in last decade

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NCAA punished more than half of Power Five conference members and more than a quarter of all Division I colleges for major violations in last decade.


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