Big Ten and Pac-12 postpone 2020 fall sports

Big Ten and Pac-12 Conferences call off 2020 season due to coronavirus concerns. Other Power 5 leagues seem disinclined to follow, leaving potential split in big-time football.

U.S. congressman to propose college athlete payment bill

Days after California enacted a law allowing college athletes to sign endorsement deals, lawmakers in other states and in Congress threaten legislation to advance player compensation.

University of St. Thomas kicked out of sports league after winning too many games

University of St. Thomas's separation from its conference -- for too much success -- has reinforced the disparities in wealth and size among Division III institutions.

UC Irvine coach under fire for antigay slur


In much of higher education, using a slur against a student in a televised event might result in more than just a slap on the wrist. Why is it different if the slur is a way to mock gay people and takes place during March Madness?

Another federal court ruling chips away at NCAA limits on support for athletes

Judge declares that association and colleges illegally restrict value of "education benefits" to which big-time football and basketball players are entitled -- but stops far short of free market sought by athletes.

Emails reveal vitriol toward Ohio State president, adamant defense of Urban Meyer

While Ohio State's president considered what to do about a wildly successful head coach accused of looking the other way at domestic abuse by his assistant, he received plenty of advice. We read those emails.

Protests over UMD athletics scandals shows student division

Maryland's student government organized a rally to encourage backing the football team. Many minority students and others said it was time to focus on the abuse of athletes and the death of a black player.

False statistic on sexual harassment at Baylor spreads, with help from media and Twitter

University seeks to contain (self-inflicted) damage from news article and report mistakenly asserting that more than half of students have been harassed by professors.

Guilty verdict in college basketball corruption trial puts new pressure on NCAA

The guilty verdicts in the men's basketball corruption trial will rattle the NCAA, athletics experts say.

New NCAA rules allow men's basketball players to have agents, return to college if undrafted

The NCAA plans new rules for the sport it says will minimize corruption -- among them, allowing agents the association certifies to represent college players.


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