New recommendations for college basketball include nixing one-and-done

Special commission wants to end one-and-done but largely punts on key issues such as athlete pay and time demands that might impede academic performance.

Eastern Michigan professors criticize decision to cut four sports

The faculty union at Eastern Michigan University is blasting administrators there for cutting four sports while football -- a money- and game-losing program -- remains intact. 

Which team would win the NCAA women's basketball tournament if academics ruled?

Who would win the NCAA Division I women's basketball championship if academics mattered the most? 

Michigan State, NCAA under fire over sex assault cases

After Nassar scandal, new questions arose about whether university covered up -- and NCAA ignored -- assaults by athletes.

With investigation of Michigan State, Nassar, NCAA stepping out of traditional role

In investigating Michigan State and Larry Nassar, sports group is crossing into new enforcement territory unlike anything since its inquiry and punishment of Penn State, experts say.

Avalanche of football-related concussion lawsuits against NCAA and conferences could lead to changes

Lawsuits could lead to changes in the NCAA's concussion rules and threaten some athletic conferences, while broader questions about college football's viability begin to emerge.

FBI charges in college basketball -- beyond a few 'bad apples'?

Do explosive corruption charges involving the basketball programs at six universities make it harder to ignore the possibility that the problems are systemic? University presidents weigh in.

Might 'death penalty' be on the horizon for Louisville basketball?

Former NCAA investigators and other experts aren’t sure whether the association might shut down the men’s basketball program, currently caught up in a federal probe, which could “destroy” it.

Corruption charges are 'huge moment' for college basketball

Bribery and corruption charges against four coaches and high-level executives underscore -- again -- the big money and the influence of corporations in recruiting, and may be another external blow to college sports.

Two college football players die after games last weekend; another is paralyzed

Two college football players died after games last Saturday, following three off-season deaths this year, while a Harvard football player suffered a neck injury and remains paralyzed.


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