Spelman eliminates athletics in favor of campus-wide wellness initiative

Spelman is eliminating intercollegiate athletics and withdrawing from NCAA competition, instead focusing on a campus-wide wellness initiative that emphasizes fitness for everyone.

NCAA jurisdiction limited in UNC academic integrity issues

Its jurisdiction in addressing academic integrity issues such as the no-show courses at UNC is limited, faculty and experts say -- putting the onus on the university to fix the problems.

NCAA sanctions of Penn State a departure from traditional enforcement

The governing body entered new territory Monday with its sanctions of Penn State, leaving many asking, when can't it act?

After Freeh report, some say a grand gesture is needed

Remaking Penn State football with some grand gesture isn't as simple as an outraged public might think, and so far, calls to cancel the upcoming season have gone unanswered. But without doing so, can the university really move on?

Freeh report faults Penn State athletics culture

The Penn State investigation identified many culprits, but also pointed to a much larger, more complicated problem: the unchecked culture of athletics on campus.

Penn State to release report on Sandusky scandal

Independent report blasts conduct of senior university leaders and says that they "failed" to protect Sandusky's victims.

After months of build-up, BCS presidents approve college football playoff

A group of university presidents solidified the future of the college football postseason -- a four-team playoff, to begin in 2014.

NCAA bans teams from postseason for low APR scores

In the second year the NCAA is banning academically underperforming teams from postseason play, the number of ineligible teams has doubled -- even before the association puts newly raised academic standards fully in place.

College football playoff could mean philosophical, practical shift from BCS

A college football playoff looks more likely than ever. As details develop, exactly what that will mean -- for athletes, sports finances, universities and their presidents, and the NCAA -- remains to be seen.

The 2012 NCAA March Madness Academic Performance Tournament

Who would win the NCAA men's basketball tournament if it were based on classroom performance? It's not who you might think.


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