Nixed rule for athletic eligibility could have hurt athletes, presidents say

The decision by college presidents who run the NCAA's Division I to axe a new academic standard for athletic eligibility is irking some faculty members, but presidents say its effects could have been more negative than positive.

New Mexico students protest continual athletic fee increase

Students at the University of New Mexico, again asked to shoulder a larger financial burden to support athletics, feel their protests are being ignored. Their experience is common.

Experts weigh possible outcomes, effects of NCAA likeness lawsuit

Lawyers, university presidents and former NCAA officials say that the lawsuit against the NCAA has the potential to go far, but disagree on whether it will be transformative for college sports.

Academic Performance Tournament bracket: March Madness for the higher ed crowd

In Inside Higher Ed's eighth annual Academic Performance Tournament, the March Madness champion is again the team that did best in the classroom, not on the court.

Critics point to double standards in discipline after Texas coaches' affairs

Two Texas sports officials -- a black female track coach and a white male football coach -- had affairs with students, but only one was fired. Critics say double standards are at work.

After inappropriate conduct in Miami case, NCAA to investigate its enforcement division

After discovering its staff essentially paid for subpoena power in its inquiry at the U. of Miami, the association orders an external review of its enforcement division.

Universities spend more on athletics per athlete than on academics per student, report finds

Colleges spent much more on athletics per athlete than on academics per student between 2005 and 2010, new report finds, with growth in the former outpacing the latter.

Big Ten expansion frustrates left-out faculty

Conference realignment is notoriously secretive, but faculty -- some of whom are officially charged with advising on sports issues -- and others are upset they're not getting any say.

Posse Foundation, Vassar College to enroll more veterans

Vassar will pilot initiative to place cohorts of students who've served on selective campuses, providing support and full tuition.

Maryland departs ACC for Big Ten Conference

Cash-strapped Maryland athletics will move to the more-lucrative and geographically nonsensical Big Ten Conference, but officials insist it's not just about the money.


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