The 2012 NCAA March Madness Academic Performance Tournament

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Who would win the NCAA men's basketball tournament if it were based on classroom performance? It's not who you might think.

Is NCAA governance on the brink of reform?

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Fights over financial aid rules have revealed longstanding tension over governance of NCAA's top division -- and prompted a review of the structure. But will all get the representation they want?

NCAA adopts, tables rules at convention

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Division I board takes action -- sort of -- on its controversial scholarship rules, and Divisions II and III ease recruiting restrictions.

At NCAA convention, educators question academic reform measures

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Educators want higher NCAA academic standards -- but they're not so sure the association has gone about it in the best way.

NCAA to consider legislation at annual convention

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It's been a wild year for the NCAA. At this week's national convention, Division I will be forced to modify or eliminate some of its reform initiatives, while Divisions II and III will look to ease recruiting regulations.

Calls for major reform of college sports unlikely to produce meaningful change

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From The Atlantic to sports radio, talk of a "crisis" in big-time college athletics is rampant. If you pay attention to history, the likelihood of transformative change is tiny. Unless ...

NCAA punishes Pacific after basketball coach helped recruits cheat

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NCAA punishes the University of the Pacific after a former head men's basketball coach gave answers to players he was recruiting.

Essay on some of the ethical problems in athletic recruiting

Jim Jump writes about how coaches can abandon students, forcing them to scramble at the last minute.

Esports coach

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Wed, 08/30/2017

Michael Vick's selection to Virginia Tech Hall of Fame launches academic debate

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Michael Vick never graduated from Virginia Tech. Should he and athletes like him be honored by their alma maters?


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