Arizona officials say player did not suffer concussion

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U. of Arizona was accused of keeping a star player on the field despite head injury that appeared to cause vomiting. But university officials say that's not what happened.

Research finds financial impact on colleges that win football games

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Each win in top programs can bring in more donations and more in-state students, study finds, but the gains are for athletics, not universities as a whole.

NCAA athlete graduation rates up in football and men's basketball, but down over all

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Graduation rates among Division I football and men's basketball teams have risen to new heights (above 70 percent), but athletes over all are getting degrees at lower rates than last year.

Action on concussions comes from all sides, but lack uniformity

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Different groups are taking various actions as concern about concussions grows, but some say a more unified approach is needed to reduce number of injuries.

Report urges trustees to get more (positively) involved in athletics

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Governing boards should be more involved in athletics oversight, for financial, ethical and academic reasons, a new report argues.

Public university admissions officers lay out best practices for athlete admissions

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Admissions directors at public flagship universities seek to define best practices for the potentially problematic area of admissions exceptions for athletics.

More colleges using random drug testing for athletes

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More colleges are getting on board with random drug testing of athletes, while others that already did it are testing more often.


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