NCAA Division I rules would ease recruiting restrictions

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At this week's NCAA convention, the college presidents who head Division I will consider two dozen proposals that would give programs (particularly wealthy ones) more flexibility when courting athletes.

UNC scandal report clears athletics, faculty; no-show classes date back further than reported

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Former governor's review finds UNC's no-show classes were not motivated by athletics and did not involve faculty members -- but dated to 1997 and involved many more courses than expected.


Coach's shove of player renews debate about conduct of athletic officials

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Another video of a coach engaged in inappropriate conduct at a game -- this time shoving a player -- raises question of whether universities do more than slap on the wrist.

Struggling Rutgers follows Maryland to Big Ten

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The university becomes the second in as many days to announce it will move to the Big Ten Conference. Whether the switch can salvage the struggling athletics program is unclear.

Lower female interest in sports calls Title IX application into question, study says

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A new study argues women are less interested than men in athletic participation, and questions Title IX as it is applied to college sports programs. Advocates for women's athletics disagree.

NCAA revamps infractions, enforcement structure

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New model for enforcing NCAA rules violations emphasizes the most egregious conduct breaches and lays more responsibility on head coaches.

Arizona officials say player did not suffer concussion

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U. of Arizona was accused of keeping a star player on the field despite head injury that appeared to cause vomiting. But university officials say that's not what happened.

Research finds financial impact on colleges that win football games

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Each win in top programs can bring in more donations and more in-state students, study finds, but the gains are for athletics, not universities as a whole.

NCAA athlete graduation rates up in football and men's basketball, but down over all

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Graduation rates among Division I football and men's basketball teams have risen to new heights (above 70 percent), but athletes over all are getting degrees at lower rates than last year.


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