Who would win the NCAA women's tournament if games were decided by academic performance?

Inside Higher Ed's fifth annual academic bracket for the NCAA women's basketball tournament. And the winner is ...

Who would win the NCAA tournament if the games were decided by academic performance?

Inside Higher Ed's 11th annual academic bracket for the NCAA men's basketball tournament. And the winner is ...

Athletes express frustration at lack of 'significant legislation' at NCAA meeting

At NCAA meeting, top conferences frustrate athletes by tabling proposals about time demands, but pass legislation granting full authority to team physicians and trainers in decisions involving injured players.

Power Five to vote on time requirements for athletes, new concussion policy

At NCAA convention, Division I will vote on giving medical staff "unchallengeable authority" in injury decisions and on lessening time commitments for athletics. Division II will weigh longer preseason for basketball, and Division III will debate more communication with recruits.

96 Division I colleges violated major NCAA rules in last decade

NCAA punished more than half of Power Five conference members and more than a quarter of all Division I colleges for major violations in last decade.

Football and faith: the temptation of Baylor

Baylor University has one of the top football teams in the country. It's also the world's largest Baptist university. Can the two identities coexist without serious compromise?

For HBCU football teams, playing big teams means big losses, and worse

Are the physical and emotional beatings that come with historically black colleges and universities competing against big-time football powers worth the financial incentive?

NCAA bans SMU basketball from postseason, suspends coach for 9 games

New penalties over academic fraud are only the most recent in Southern Methodist's history of breaking NCAA rules. Among the guilty: the university's renowned basketball coach, and a former official responsible for compliance with the rules.

Rutgers U suspends football coach for contacting professor about player's grades

Rutgers University's football coach faces three-game suspension and $50,000 fine after he emailed an adjunct professor to help improve a player's grade.

Baylor U facing questions over handling of sexual assault involving football player

Baylor's successful football program is in crisis over questions regarding the handling of a sexual assault case involving an athlete -- a controversy that could damage the university's reputation, too.


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