National Labor Relations Board declines to assert role on Northwestern football union

Board says it won't assert jurisdiction over whether Northwestern University athletes are employees, effectively killing their union drive. The vague decision divides experts on the prospects for athlete unions generally.

Colleges inflate full cost of attendance numbers, increasing stipends for athletes

NCAA rules about "cost of attendance" create a new way for universities to compete for athletes, but these changes in financial aid calculations don't appear to be helping non-athletes.

Brit Kirwan on the 'troubling' transformation of college athletics

Brit Kirwan says athletics have spiraled out of control during his 25 years as a university leader, and that he and other presidents have little power to solve the problem.

Attendance monitoring programs common in college athletics

Many colleges pay people to make sure athletes show up at each scheduled class. Critics say the programs drive another academic wedge between players and the rest of the student body.

U of Alabama at Birmingham learns how difficult it is to sack college football

U of Alabama at Birmingham's flip-flop on ending football illustrates how difficult it is to shut down a program, even a money-losing one with a so-so record.


Wary of concussions, college athletes choose early retirement

College athletes in football and other sports are turning to early retirement, choosing to end their athletic careers to avoid the long-term effects of concussions.

University Senate report calls on Rutgers athletics to become self-sustaining

After years of having one of the most highly subsidized athletics departments, a universitywide panel at Rutgers pushes reforms that would end contributions from student fees and the university.

NCAA suspends Syracuse U. basketball coach, vacates 108 wins

N.C.A.A. finds that university employees completed coursework for athletes -- and questions why it took 8 years to complete investigation into such a serious problem.

Athletes take easier courses to fit in with teammates, study asserts

College athletes say they care about doing well academically, but they study less and take easier courses to try to align with stereotypes, researchers say in a new paper.

College athletes greatly overestimate their chances of playing professionally

More than three-quarters of men's Division I basketball players think they will play professionally, but less than 2 percent make it to the NBA.


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