Professors, robots protest U. of Iowa's pink locker room


While it remains a beloved bit of visual smack-talk for many football fans, some students and faculty say the University of Iowa's pink visitors' locker room is sexist and discriminatory.

Federal judge: NCAA violates antitrust law

Federal judge finds that ban on sharing revenue with football and basketball players violates the law.

NCAA adopts structure giving autonomy to richest Division I leagues, votes to college athletes

The members of the five high-revenue conferences make up 18 percent of all Division I colleges, but a new NCAA governance structure gives them nearly 40 percent of the voting power.

Growing 'stratification' of NCAA conferences concerns less wealthy Division I colleges

With NCAA set to adopt new governance system designed to let wealthiest conferences give more benefits to athletes, critics fear growing gap between haves and have-nots.

NCAA settlement includes $70 million for concussion testing

NCAA agrees to create $70 million fund to diagnose concussions and related ailments, but lawsuit settlement won't provide any money for those who need care.

In shadow of NCAA lawsuits, colleges create new policies to address athlete rights


Big-time college sports programs are competing to offer more to their athletes. Are they creating more gender inequity at the same time?

NLRB intervenes in Northwestern unionization

The full National Labor Relations Board said it will review a regional decision allowing Northwestern football players to unionize. Today's union vote will proceed, but the ballots will be impounded.

Complaint says OCR failed to investigate Title IX sports violations

Complaint charges that Education Department is looking the other way on report of mass violation of the rights of female college athletes.

Amid union talks, boycotts raise questions over what athletes could decide

Another football player boycott -- this time over the reinstatement of a head coach -- raises questions over what athletes will and should be able to decide if they end up unionizing.

Sports antitrust lawyer's latest target: NCAA scholarship limits

Forget player unionization. The biggest legal threat facing the NCAA may be the lawyer who helped bring about free agency in professional football and basketball.


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