Complaint says OCR failed to investigate Title IX sports violations

Complaint charges that Education Department is looking the other way on report of mass violation of the rights of female college athletes.

Amid union talks, boycotts raise questions over what athletes could decide

Another football player boycott -- this time over the reinstatement of a head coach -- raises questions over what athletes will and should be able to decide if they end up unionizing.

Sports antitrust lawyer's latest target: NCAA scholarship limits

Forget player unionization. The biggest legal threat facing the NCAA may be the lawyer who helped bring about free agency in professional football and basketball.

NLRB office backs union for Northwestern football players

In potential landmark case, NLRB office backs bid for collective bargaining by Northwestern athletes. Appeals are certain, so final outcome remains unclear. But ruling could add to pressure on the NCAA.

Who would win the NCAA tournament if the games were decided by academic performance?

Who would win the NCAA men's basketball tournament if the games were decided by the teams' classroom performance? Inside Higher Ed has the answer.

Are reports of bullying by female coaches increasing, or just more concerning?

Recent allegations at several universities have some worried that one of the worst parts of men's college athletics is now a problem in some women's programs.

Drug use and attitudes about entitlement among athletes

As all three NCAA divisions prepare to lighten penalty for pot smoking, survey shows the most use in Division III, which tests athletes the least. Data also explore athletes' sense of academic entitlement.


Highlighting Berkeley, paper explores academic damage of expanding, independent athletics program

Paper argues that without clear values and mission but with lots of money, Berkeley athletics has gotten out of control, at the expense of academics.

Temple cuts highlight cost of big-time football

While Temple attributes the decision to cut seven teams to other issues, it is one of many universities that have cut Olympic sports while upping spending on football.

New database allows users to compare sports and academic spending

New Knight Commission database enables comparisons (at college and conference level) of sports expenditures per athlete with academic expenditures per student.


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