Experts work to address concussions in all sports, not just football

As awareness of concussions in football heightens, researchers and sports officials work to make sure other sports get proper attention, too.

Mixed ruling in athletes' likeness lawsuit against the NCAA

Judge grants class action status for former and current players in challenging NCAA amateurism policies -- but rejects broadening of pool of athletes eligible for potential damages. Outcome appears to increase odds of a settlement.

Football coach salaries up 10 percent over last year and top $5 million

Major college football coach salaries rose 10 percent in 2013, topping out at more than $5.5 million.

NCAA ends Miami investigation with light touch

Citing the university's cooperation -- not the investigators' flouting of procedures -- the NCAA finally ends its years-long investigation at Miami with damning allegations, but few new penalties.

Academics to propose federal legislation restructuring NCAA

A sports reform group pitches federal legislation to enable colleges to collaboratively cut sports costs and increase emphasis on education and athlete welfare.

EA settlement with athletes portrayed in video games bodes poorly for NCAA

Tens of thousands of athletes will be paid for use of their image in video games, and while the NCAA refuses to settle its portion of the lawsuit, experts say this hurts its case.

Colleges benefit financially but take hits to pride and bodies in overmatched football games

Smaller football programs have long scheduled top-25 teams to gain money and national exposure, but at the expense of the educational mission and athletes' well-being, critics say.

Communications consultants say athletics controversies are more difficult to manage

Gordon Gee's retirement in wake of a controversy that got major attention from sports media raises this question: Are athletics issues at universities fundamentally different from others that presidents face?

String of unseemly revelations about Rutgers athletic staff calls vetting process into question

New Jersey's flagship university comes under fire for its screening and hiring process yet again, following abuse and discrimination allegations against its new athletics director.

Baylor's gag order on athletes' sexuality reveals homophobia still prevalent in women's sports

Female college athlete comes out as gay and no one bats an eye -- until it's learned her coach told her not to. The case of Brittney Griner at Baylor is indicative of the culture of women's sports.


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