Harvard Business School finally puts its stamp on online learning

The school’s online learning platform will change its name to Harvard Business School Online, having proven itself worthy of the prestigious brand.

Blended learning model at University of Central Florida draws business student ire

Business students at the University of Central Florida agitate for alternatives to a model that heavily shifts their learning time to outside the classroom and reduces exposure to instructors. Administrators say their approach is educationally sound.

University of Wisconsin ‘Considering Future’ of M.B.A. Program

Potential changes at University of Wisconsin at Madison prompt discussion about future of a degree program once seen as secure.

Deans see challenges for off-campus E.M.B.A. programs in the United States

Executives, with financial support from their companies, once paid top dollar for special versions of the M.B.A. hosted by business schools at far-flung urban locations. Support is dwindling, and online competition growing, challenging what had been a source of revenue for some schools.

Business scholars and administrators publish call to move away from current rankings systems


Twenty-one scholars publish call to reject popular measures and ordinal rankings -- and to replace them with more meaningful tools for comparisons.

Growth of Illinois's MOOC-powered M.B.A. degree exceeds university's expectations


The University of Illinois's iMBA program offers encouraging news about the viability of graduate degrees built on MOOCs.

Academically Adrift's authors on faculty project to define learning outcomes in six fields

New book unveils faculty-led effort to chart concepts and competencies students should learn in six academic disciplines, with plan to create standardized tests. Will faculty members warm to this version of "learning outcomes"?

Business school software doubles as skimming prevention tool

Business professors find another use for software created to help them teach case studies: preventing students from skimming.

Wake Forest to drop traditional MBA program

Wake Forest will eliminate its full-time program to focus on growing market of those who want to earn degree while still working full-time.


Deans of Indian origin proliferate at top U.S. business schools

Why are so many deans of the top U.S. business schools of Indian descent? The answers might lie in the changing world order.


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