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Book provides tips for instructional designer-faculty member dynamics

The following lists, compiled by Jon Aleckson and Penny Ralston-Berg for their book MindMeld: Micro-Collaboration between eLearning Designers and Instructor Experts (Atwood Publishing), offer tips for faculty members working with instructional designers on online course development and visa versa. 

For Instructors Working with Design Teams

Easing conflicts between instructional designers and the faculty

They spend extended amounts of time together developing online courses. Sometimes, their relationship is filled with tension. Here are ways colleges and universities address and alleviate issues and promote collaboration. 

Northwestern and Berkeley's journalism schools drop accreditor, echoing broader criticism about the value of accreditation

Northwestern’s journalism school drops its accreditor, shortly after Berkeley did the same, echoing broader questions about the value of the process and whether it impedes innovation.

Davidson College launches online course about fake news

Davidson College launches a free, two-week online course about defining, identifying and avoiding deliberately false stories.

It’s Worth a Thousand Words: Storytelling Through Pictures

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