Board vote today puts U.Va. at center of debate about public university governance

U.Va. board’s vote today puts it at the center of a nationwide debate about governance in public higher education institutions.

Midway College's attempt at creating a pharmacy school shows dangers of assumed quick fix

Midway College’s aborted effort to construct a pharmacy school shows that an assumed quick fix to finance problems might not be as easy as it seems.

Report: Barriers to the rise of artificially intelligent tutors at traditional universities

Online Education

Report identifies potential barriers to the widespread adoption of "machine guided" learning software at colleges and universities.

Deans of Indian origin proliferate at top U.S. business schools

Why are so many deans of the top U.S. business schools of Indian descent? The answers might lie in the changing world order.

How graduate deans can often be innovators in the COVID world (opinion)

Graduate school deans' typically moderate, judicious, conciliatory and what some might even call boring approach positions them to be innovators in the COVID world, writes Debra W. Stewart.

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