U.S. reveals investigation of alleged anti-Asian bias at Yale

U.S. Education and Justice Departments are investigating. University says its practices are legal.

Administrators, students and activists take stock three years after 2015 Missouri protests

The University of Missouri has new administrators, new policies and, leaders say, a new attitude after concerns over the racial climate in Columbia exploded in 2015. But challenges loom, and some are far from convinced enough has changed.

Selective universities want more high-achieving community college students to transfer

Many community college students with high grade point averages aren't transferring to four-year institutions, new research finds, a fact some of the nation's most selective universities want to change.

Study finds evidence of racial and gender bias in online education

Study finds instructors are much more likely to respond to comments from white male students than from others.

Research suggests that colleges broaden students' political views


Study counters widely held views about how students' political views change when they arrive in college.

As speaker protests continue, options for punishments unclear

Columbia students prevent British anti-Islam activist from talking via video. Michigan students block part of Charles Murray talk.

Virginia Tech faces accusations of employing white supremacist


Students and activists are alleging a graduate student at Virginia Tech is a white supremacist -- and some want him gone.

Inspired by Kaepernick and NFL, professors and students protest off the field


As many wonder whether the NFL protest will show up in college football this week, professors and students are taking their own stands. But one university has banned its football team from protests during the national anthem.

Black women graduate students enroll in higher numbers at for-profits

Consumer advocates are concerned by the relatively large proportion of black women graduate students who attend for-profits.

Wesleyan College in Georgia apologizes for decades in which institution embraced Ku Klux Klan culture


On same day Atlanta newspaper exposes decades KKK influence on the culture and activities of Wesleyan College, the women's institution publicly apologizes and acknowledges its past for first time.


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