For-profit Grand Canyon University enrolls a growing number of undocumented students

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A for-profit college has emerged as a leading choice for undocumented students in Arizona.

Tensions simmer between American and international students

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Recent incidents bring to light the problem of discrimination against international students.

Court ruling points to tough issues for dual career couples

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Brown recruited a dean. He said his wife -- a tenured professor -- needed an appropriate post, and the university complied. But the terms changed, and it took years of litigation for her to get original deal.

Study suggests students grow less interested in promoting racial understanding

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The longer students are in college, the less likely they are to be interested in promoting understanding across lines of race and ethnicity, study finds.

College officials discuss religious pluralism at AACU meeting

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Many faculty and staff are clearly interested in promoting religious pluralism. The question is, how? Some colleges are trying to figure it out.

Transparent: A Multi-Disciplinary Symposium

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