White power leader's next target is college campuses


Video of Richard B. Spencer's recent speech -- in which supporters gave Nazi salute -- draws attention to alt-right leader. His plan to visit Texas A&M has set off a debate.

Suffolk, responding to controversy over treatment of Latina student, to require microaggression training for all professors


Suffolk announces new policy in wake of furor over a Latina student's report about how her instructor doubted her vocabulary.

Beyond well-funded individual campus initiatives, experts urge collaboration on increasing faculty diversity


Beyond well-funded individual campus initiatives aimed at increasing the number of underrepresented minority faculty members, experts urge collaboration across institutions and within disciplines.

Debate grows over national anthem at college events


Debate grows about athletes who kneel during national anthem. Football players at Indiana State and Tulsa join movement. Texas chancellor urges students to stand and face flag.

U of Iowa re-evaluates the concept of bias response teams


U of Iowa, responding to criticism of practices at other colleges, says it will hold off on starting a team until it can do so in a new way.

Saudi student numbers fall at many campuses

Colleges have come to count on tuition from large numbers of Saudi Arabian students. After years of rapid growth, enrollments are declining on many campuses, in some cases precipitously.

Both houses of Tennessee Legislature vote to bar use of state funds for university diversity office


Tennessee Legislature votes to cut all state funds for office that promotes diversity at state's flagship university, where students walked out of class to oppose the legislation.

Cooper Union makes all bathrooms gender neutral


As North Carolina bars many transgender people from using facilities that reflect their identities, Cooper Union makes all bathrooms gender neutral.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders spar over historically black colleges as Obama legacy looms


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders -- and their supporters -- spar over their plans for historically black colleges, as President Obama's complicated legacy looms.

Experts consider what the protests over racial tensions mean


As anger over race relations leads to rallies, sit-ins and several prominent resignations of administrators, experts consider the messages, the tactics and the backlash.


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