Claremont McKenna dean resigns amid protests over race

Claremont McKenna dean of students resigns amid protests over comments on race and campus climate.

Massachusetts investigation says Boston College retaliated against professor returning from mental health leave

Massachusetts agency finds that Boston College retaliated against professor returning from leave he took while facing severe mental health issues.

Women-only summer program hopes to replicate the Deep Springs experience for women

While one of country's most competitive colleges remains closed to women, an alternative women-only summer program has popped up on the other side of the country.

Writing teachers talk teaching students about 'white privilege' at composition instructors' meeting

Writing instructors at Conference on College Composition and Communication talk about teaching about racism and white privilege -- and the political and career risks they face for doing so.

Ed Dept. ratings framework ignites new questions over adjusting student outcomes

The Education Department's ratings framework embraces the concept of adjusting outcomes for student demographics -- an approach that would be unusual for the federal government but that isn't without its critics.

Study finds gender perception affects evaluations


Study finds gender of instructors influences evaluations they receive, even if they have fooled students (in an online course) about whether they are men or women.

Racial microaggressions on campus at center of new film

The movie "Dear White People" is "a satire about being a black face in a white place." Does it accurately portray race relations on mostly white campuses?

Confederate flag causes controversy at Bryn Mawr


When two students at elite women's college embraced symbolism of the Jim Crow South, they set off debate at an institution that is proud of being majority minority, but where some feel isolated and ignored.

Study suggests Texas's tuition policies suppressed Hispanic enrollment at research universities

A new study suggests that giving public research university boards in Texas the power to set tuition helped raise prices and suppress Hispanic enrollment.

Appeals court upholds U. of Texas affirmative action policy

Appeals court backs U. of Texas at Austin's consideration of race in admissions, but appeal is likely headed back to Supreme Court.


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