Study suggests Texas's tuition policies suppressed Hispanic enrollment at research universities

A new study suggests that giving public research university boards in Texas the power to set tuition helped raise prices and suppress Hispanic enrollment.

Appeals court upholds U. of Texas affirmative action policy

Appeals court backs U. of Texas at Austin's consideration of race in admissions, but appeal is likely headed back to Supreme Court.

New book discusses diversity strategies that don't consider race

In new book and discussion, researchers and advocates envision strategies for fostering campus diversity in a world in which race-conscious remedies are prohibited.

3 white students at San Jose State charged with tormenting black roommate


Authorities charge 3 white students with tormenting their black roommate for months, prompting significant campus anger. Incident comes amid tensions about race at several campuses.

Michelle Obama speech signals new administration focus on boosting low-income college enrollment

With Michelle Obama's speech on higher education -- and another meeting of university presidents at the White House -- the administration kicks off a new push to increase low-income students' access to college.

Student's video leads to discussion of race at UCLA

A student's video prompts a different kind of discussion about race.

Segregated sororities not limited to Alabama, experts say


Segregation in sororities is neither a surprise nor unique to Alabama, experts on the Greek system say.

Study links high school G.P.A. gender gap to collegiate aspirations

Study links gender gap in high school grade-point average with students' intentions, as early as middle school, to go to college.

Report documents how higher education exacerbates racial inequities


Black and Latino young people are greatly underrepresented at selective colleges and overrepresented at open-access institutions -- and the trends are worsening.

UT-Austin president and admissions director discuss the Fisher decision


UT-Austin's president and admissions director discuss the Supreme Court's decision in Fisher v. the University of Texas and its impact on the university.


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