State College of Florida replaces three-year contracts for professors with one-year contracts

After the State College of Florida replaced a tenure-like system with three-year contracts for all new faculty members, some complained. So the board shifted to one-year contracts.

Valencia College finds seven of its students among Orlando dead

For a community college in Orlando, the losses are beyond what many can imagine.

Clinton, Trump see different responses from alma maters


While Wellesley College points with pride to alumna Hillary Clinton, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania stays largely silent about alumnus Donald Trump.

Recent cases renew debate about second chances for athletes who assault women


Former Stanford swimmer is but the latest example of university athletes accused of assaulting women who seem to escape punishments that are serious enough for their crimes.

Study finds that most who enroll at for-profit colleges experience earning declines

New study says typical experience of those who enroll at for-profit colleges is a decline in earnings and a rise in debt.

At two colleges, what happens when protesters obstruct free speech

Recent incidents at DePaul and UC Irvine raise the question of what obligations a college has to make sure that protesters -- while objecting to an event -- can't shut it down or block its ideas from being heard.

AAUP finds Mizzou compromised academic freedom in terminating Melissa Click

AAUP investigation finds that -- regardless of what one thinks of Melissa Click's actions -- U of Missouri board endangered academic freedom by firing her without a faculty review.

Trump's campaign co-chair describes higher education policies being developed


Campaign co-chair describes ideas being prepared for fall campaign. Among them: getting government out of student lending, requiring colleges to share in risk of loans, discouraging borrowing by liberal arts majors and moving OCR to Justice Department.

Rutgers Graduate School faculty takes a stand against Academic Analytics

Rutgers professors vote a second time to seek access to and limits on use of data from Academic Analytics -- as faculty advocates vow to take such criticism to other campuses.

As authorities question hate crime accusations, SUNY Albany looks ahead


In January, three black students reported a hate crime. Now, after authorities released evidence that the students lied, SUNY Albany tries to move forward.


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