Private colleges found consortium to collaborate, negotiate with vendors

Private colleges found a consortium to collectively negotiate with companies that develop enterprise resource planning software.

Obama comments to Southern U student set off debate on president and black colleges


President’s answer to a question from a Southern University student frustrates some HBCU advocates and sets off debate on the administration's priorities.

Private college presidents' draft list of essential qualities for institutions leaves off tenure

Panel of private college presidents, preparing list of key qualities for their institutions, see tenure as "negotiable."

Should the president be held responsible for scandals at the University of Louisville?

A series of scandals in Louisville ask the question: At what point is a university president culpable?

University of Iowa leader apologizes for saying teachers without lesson plans should be shot

Iowa's new president apologizes for "unfortunate" off-the cuff remark.

Professor, a top Trump aide, describes his role, the plan to keep Muslims out and a coming higher ed agenda


National co-chair of campaign discusses his role, proposal about Muslims and how it would affect international students, and coming "revolutionary" plan for higher education.

Report outlines trustee frustrations over transparency and finances

Board members at comprehensive universities are often frustrated by their own lack of knowledge or understanding about the institutions they're tasked with leading, a new report finds.

Maryland and HBCU advocates at odds over how to remedy segregation in higher ed

In Maryland, the state challenges view that new programs at historically black colleges will attract white students.

Student protest lists of demands get longer and more detailed


The number and complexity of students' demands of administrations is going up -- and some of the items deal with issues typically left to faculty governance.

U of Chicago calls off classes due to threat of gun violence and other campus safety developments

U of Chicago calls off classes due to report of planned gun violence; film students arrested in Los Angeles for causing panic with replicas of weapons. UPDATE: Arrest and new details on threat against Chicago.


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