Sewanee debates honor for Charlie Rose, sin, forgiveness and harassment


Sewanee rejects push to revoke honorary degree given to Charlie Rose. Students object not only to that decision but to letter from university leaders about forgiveness, sin and condemnation.

Leave for a president raises question of whether college leaders should hug employees

A president is on leave over allegations that include unwanted hugging. Should college leaders stick to handshakes?

Colleges keep hiring experienced presidents, even in their 60s and 70s

Administrators in their 60s and 70s keep snagging prestigious university presidencies. Some see a roadblock rising in front of a new generation of more diverse leaders, while others believe boards are valuing experience and wisdom.

Despite big rhetoric on all sides, Andrew Cuomo's budget priorities bow to economic realities

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has made huge claims and drawn sharp criticism with his higher ed policies. The numbers show neither his biggest boasts nor his angriest detractors are entirely correct.

Chancellor created jobs for daughter and son-in-law

A chancellor secured positions for his daughter and son-in-law, even amid tight budgets at his university.

Trustees face pressure to resign at Michigan State, but it's hard to force out boards

Michigan State board members face calls for their resignation in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal, but it's hard to force out boards. Some say that's for good reason.

Outgoing Michigan State president's employment contract draws scrutiny

Critics scrutinize post-employment benefits, but Simon's case could be another piece of a long-unfolding discussion about the college president as CEO.

Michigan State doctor's case raises questions about when presidents are responsible for their colleges' failures

The question is often “What did a president know, and when did she know it?” But in complex sexual misconduct cases that involve institutional failures, at what point does that stop mattering? Under fire, Michigan State president resigns.

Ithaca College president in the spotlight years after court case

Ithaca College president's 2001 no-contest plea receives new scrutiny, even though she says she entered it under extreme circumstances and has been up front about her past.

College presidents building relationships with campus conservatives

A few college presidents say that developing relationships with conservative students is an important part of a strategy for a collegial campus.


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