Union fights Massachusetts state colleges' challenge to cap on part-time faculty


Massachusetts faculty union fights to enforce a contract cap on part-time faculty, while other adjunct advocates see little value in such efforts.

Federal privacy bill a 'missed opportunity' for Obama administration, legal scholars say


A new federal student privacy bill leaves out higher education, a move some legal scholars describe as a mistake.

New projects, laws help prison college programs gain steam

Could support for providing prisoners access to college-level courses be growing more widespread? 

Anger over state board's decision not to renew U. of Mississippi chancellor

U. of Mississippi chancellor has grown enrollment, attracted better prepared students, set records in fund-raising, championed diversity, practiced shared governance and supported athletics revival. But amid disagreement on medical center, he is being forced out.


Is the U. of Oklahoma doing enough for the state's American Indian population?


The same fraternity in the national spotlight for a racist video was involved in incidents against American Indians in the 1990's -- and Indians question whether the university is doing enough to boost minority recruitment.


Brown U. sexual assault investigation draws criticism from accused and accusers

Allegations of mismanaged drug tests and students' questions about the role of money and power lead to scrutiny of a sexual assault investigation at Brown U.

Private college in Iowa gives itself to the University of Iowa rather than be forced out of business

Instead of fighting on and trying to stay alive, a college in Iowa is giving itself to the University of Iowa.

Arizona budget deal would eliminate all state funds for 3 large community college districts

Budget deal between Arizona's Republican governor and legislative leaders would completely eliminate state support for 3 large community college districts -- and make deep cuts to universities as well.

Will Sweet Briar's closure prompt college leaders to rethink their fight to stay open?

Some fear Sweet Briar's decision to close will prompt other small private colleges to do the same, leading a number of presidents to outline how their colleges are not like Sweet Briar.

Where will Sweet Briar's $85M endowment go?

Now that it plans to close, Sweet Briar officials have to decide what to do with $85 million -- but laws and economic realities limit their choices.


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