U. California president calls for greater efforts to defend graduate education

Janet Napolitano, U. of California president, says deans and other academics have been too quiet and have avoided lobbying for too long, while state and federal policies have moved in the wrong direction.

Asbestos, land deals and a bullet part of controversy at Texas community college

A bullet goes through through the front door of a Texas community college board member's home. Is it because he is critical of the administration and his fellow board members?

U. of Oregon grad students strike for better benefits

U. of Oregon graduate teaching assistants walk out, with end of semester looming, after failed negotiations over paid leave. 

Swarthmore drops findings against male student who sued under Title IX

College vacates findings that led to expulsion of student who then sued under Title IX, arguing that handling of sexual misconduct allegations discriminated against men who were accused.

Eckerd president criticized for his advice to students on how to avoid rape

Leader of Eckerd angers students when he tells them to prevent sexual assault by drinking less and avoiding casual sex.

Lincoln U. of Pa. president, criticized for rape remarks, is out of his job

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania resignation follows intense criticism over comments about women.

Analysis says humanities Ph.D.s get take longer in coursework than dissertations


New analysis suggests that time to degree for Ph.D.s may not be as lengthy as some assume, and that the key to shorter humanities doctorates may be coursework, not the dissertation.

Fallout at U. of Virginia after article on a gang rape at a fraternity

Article in Rolling Stone sets off protests and soul-searching at U. of Virginia, and suspension of all fraternities until January 9.

What Obama’s immigration executive actions mean for higher education

President expands his temporary protected status for "Dreamers" and seeks to expand temporary work authorization program for international graduates of American universities. 

One college distances itself from Bill Cosby; others stick with him

Allegations against the comedian, an active fund-raiser and speaker in higher education, have led one college to drop his name, while others stand by him.


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