Trustees and new presidents lead push for tuition resets despite debate over the practice's effectiveness


Large number of private colleges plan tuition resets next year despite many experts’ view that the practice is a gimmick. The colleges hope to grow enrollment, contain student costs and prove critics wrong. But it won’t be easy.

Incidents at Harvard and Catholic Universities run counter to narrative about campus speaker controversies

Incidents at Harvard and Catholic Universities challenge idea that liberals are the only ones preventing ideas from being voiced on campuses.

New book examines developments in hiring nontraditional college presidents

New book examines which liberal arts colleges are hiring nontraditional presidents (money and prestige make it less likely) and argues that boards should be asking a different question than "traditional or nontraditional?"

Flooding continues to challenge Houston colleges and universities

At University of Houston, some students are moved to avoid rising water, and social media helps identify who needs help.

In U Miami announcement on Cuba, some see an outsized role for outside groups


After meeting with hardline, anti-Castro leaders, University of Miami says it won't enter into institutional agreements with Cuba. But what do faculty members think?

At Washington and Lee, complicated debate about Robert E. Lee

Amid renewed push against Confederate monuments, Washington and Lee University says being named after the Confederacy’s top military leader reflects institutional history. Others see idolatry.

Duke president tackled weighty issue of Confederate statue after just weeks on the job

Duke’s president decided to take down Robert E. Lee statue after less than two months on the job.

Public universities are on solid ground to cancel Richard Spencer events, legal experts say


Experts say University of Florida and Texas A&M can point to security threats post-Charlottesville to justify blocking appearances.

New data explain Republican loss of confidence in higher education

New Gallup data show GOP attitudes about academe are based on views of campus politics. Would abandoning the term “liberal arts” change things?

Experts: College presidents' call for students to avoid white supremacist rallies not always the best


Experts say they understand why university presidents want to keep people away from white supremacist events, but they have a tough sell on campus.


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