Why did Allegheny cut its Chinese program?


With little other information, the program’s lone tenured—now terminated—professor wonders if it’s about anti-Asian bias.

Xiaoling Shi, an Asian woman with dark hair wearing dangly earrings.

History hiring in the pandemic

New report from the American Historical Association shows that job ads, a proxy for faculty hiring, declined dramatically in 2020–21 but have started to rebound. The long-term outlook remains sobering.

Bar charts showing tenure-track, non-tenure-track, and other history job listings over the years.

COVID-19 masking policies for fall are all over the place


COVID-19 masking policies for fall are all over the place. Disability advocates worry about what it all means for diversity and inclusion, though U of Pittsburgh has negotiated a new way to accommodate high-risk faculty members.

Two people wearing masks confer.

Claremont McKenna denies professor's account of censorship

A professor at Claremont McKenna accuses it of violating his academic freedom, but the college pokes holes in his story. Beyond these competing narratives, how should colleges respond to student complaints about professors quoting racial slurs in class?

Christopher Nadon, a white man with dark hair wearing glasses.

Public health backlash to Dr. Leana Wen talk on backlash

Members object to American Public Health Association’s speaker invite to Dr. Leana Wen, revealing deep divisions in the field over the COVID-19 response.

Dr. Leana Wen, an Asian woman with dark hair wearing a red jacket.

White nationalist enters historians' debate on presentism


History column leads to lockdown of American Historical Association’s Twitter account. What happened?

James Sweet, a white man with a graying goatee.

UC Santa Cruz grad student targeted for trans activism

U of California, Santa Cruz, faces online mobbing over a trans student’s controversial activism.

Eli Erlick's Twitter post, which says, Matt Walsh just released the contact info for my chancellor to his 1 million plus subscribers. He's threatening to protest at my university for refusing to adhere to unjust laws targeting trans youth.

University confirms cyberattack after weeks of rumors


For three weeks, Whitworth University stayed mostly mum about network and website outages, prompting speculation about ransomware and frustrating professors and students. Wednesday it acknowledged a cyberattack.

A webpage with the Whitworth University logo and four links—one each for “general information,” “prospective students,” “new and returning students,” and “alumni and parents.”

Why did U of Florida suddenly fire its honors director?

Why did the University of Florida suddenly fire its honors program director?

Mark Law, a middle-aged white man with gray hair and glasses.

Paper on masturbation raises eyebrows and red flags

Now-removed paper on masturbation sets social media ablaze and triggers inquiries, not necessarily because it’s shocking but because it raises ethical and quality concerns.

Karl Andersson, a white man with short light hair wearing glasses.


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