New paper finds evidence of name discrimination for Ph.D.s


Study finds having hard-to-pronounce names—from the perspective of native English speakers—results in poorer job placements for economics Ph.D.s.

Name sticker with "Hello, my name is" written at the top on a blue field.

Gun violence research is deeply underdeveloped but growing


Research on guns and gun violence is seriously underdeveloped relative to the public health problem that guns represent. But things are changing.

A display of handguns for sale.

Study: Women's credit in science doesn't match contributions

Study compares scientific input to output, in the form of papers and patents, finding that women are “systematically” denied credit for their work. Other data suggest this is the result of implicit bias, which in turn offers insights into solutions.

Illustration: The outline of a woman's head with various scientific symbols sketched in her hair, such as a planet and an atom.

Conversion therapy apology statement raises questions

A field reckons with its past involvement in conversion therapy for LGBTQ people—and somehow a graduate admissions decision gets thrown into the mix.

LGBTQ pride flag

AAC&U and PEN America oppose divisive concepts bans

PEN America and the American Association of Colleges and Universities come out once more against so-called divisive concepts bans, saying they represent the biggest threat of all to free speech.

A map of the United States, with the states that have passed divisive-concepts bans highlighted.

UMass Boston faces questions about its commitment to DEI

UMass-Boston aspires to be an antiracist institution. Some faculty members disagree with this, saying it’s limiting for a university. Others raise major concerns about the institution’s ongoing treatment of its Africana studies faculty.

A silver sign bearing the name of UMass Boston.

Canisius accused of ignoring complaints about professor


Lawsuit alleges that Canisius College ignored misconduct complaints about a professor until it couldn’t anymore—and then let him say he’d retired while it left students hanging.

Michael Noonan, a bald white man with a white beard.

Columbia task force recommends changes to undergrad college

Columbia University task force recommends restructuring the leadership of the undergraduate college, a donor favorite. Alumni, students and many professors object.

Columbia University's campus in New York City.

Notre Dame faces new questions about professor

Notre Dame faces new questions about the professor who wrote a 2013 article that apparently influenced the mass shooting in Buffalo.

John Gaski, a white man with thinning ginger hair and a mustache.

Princeton board votes to fire professor for misconduct

University fires Joshua Katz for misconduct and seems to refute the now-former professor’s prior statements that he’s being punished for his political views.

Joshua Katz, a white man with a receding hairline and glasses.


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