Financial aid

Higher ed staff shortages hit financial aid offices

The shortage of financial aid employees is especially worrisome given that the Department of Education is now planning to beef up its enforcement of federal student aid program rules.


Tuition increases are historically low for a second year

As tuition rises slowly, the amount of federal loans students and parents take on to finance higher education declines, the College Board’s annual report shows. 


Research advocates for fixes to income-driven repayment

A new report outlines the challenges Black borrowers face with income-driven repayment plans, while another offers a solution -- all while the Department of Education is considering new possibilities for the plans.


Department outlines changes to Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Most of the reforms are temporary, but they’ll still help hundreds of thousands of borrowers chart a renewed path toward loan forgiveness.


Studies pick college programs with best investment returns

Two new studies examine which degree programs at which institutions offer graduates the best chance of recouping their costs and repaying their loans.


Biden’s higher ed proposals begin to take shape in Congress

House Democrats packed lots of higher education investments into their proposal for the budget reconciliation bill -- including tuition-free community college -- but some of that funding wasn’t as high as advocates were hoping.


Legal experts are split on whether Biden can cancel debt

Legal analyses of the same provision in the Higher Education Act come to different conclusions as to whether the administration has the authority to unilaterally cancel student loan debt.


Many tuition-free college programs put up barriers for adults


The requirements for tuition-free college programs can often create obstacles for adult learners who want to participate, according to a new report.


Hope College wants to trade tuition for donations

The college’s tuition-free funding model will only be sustainable for all students if the college meets an ambitious $1 billion fundraising goal.


Biden plan to close racial wealth gap should include student loan debt cancellation, experts say

President Biden has released a plan to tackle racial wealth disparities in the United States, but he excluded the cancellation of student loan debt, which experts argue is one of the biggest parts of the problem.



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