Financial aid

Senate committee was close to a deal on higher ed; then came the pandemic

Top Republican Senate aide says lawmakers were close to a deal to update the nation's main higher education law. Then the pandemic put everything on hold.

Where is the stimulus money, colleges ask?

College leaders worry about delays and technical problems with the distribution of stimulus money, but a Senate GOP aide says they should stop whining.

Senate Republicans join Democrats in rebuke of DeVos on borrower-defense rule

Ten Senate Republicans joined Democrats in backing a resolution opposing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's borrower-defense rule, following a similar measure passed by the House.

Bloomberg plan brings contrast with Warren and Sanders, but differs from other moderates

Candidate for Democratic presidential nomination proposes limited debt cancellation, tuition-free four-year college for low-income students and doubling Pell's maximum award.

Success slows for project seeking increased enrollment of Pell students at high-achieving colleges

Initiative aimed at increasing Pell-eligible student enrollment at high-performing colleges is doing well. But a sudden plateau in progress shows hard choices colleges may need to make to move forward.

Volume of loans in income-driven repayment mushrooms, with bulk of subsidies to graduate students

Almost half of federal student loans are being repaid through more generous income-driven repayment plans, new data show, with 80 percent of government subsidies now going to graduate student borrowers.

Recent court decisions could expand bankruptcy for student debt

Recent court rulings could show more willingness to let people discharge student loans through bankruptcy, but advocates say need for legislation remains.

Haverford College rolls out debt-relief program after end of no-loan policy

New program tries to address student debt concerns after college dropped no-loan policy. Can its targeted, relatively inexpensive model work?

The Senate has a bipartisan proposal. What comes next?

The U.S. Senate education committee announced a bipartisan amendment that would permanently fund HBCUs and simplify the FAFSA. Its chances in the House are uncertain, and advocates disagree on whether an HEA authorization will follow.

Black student loan borrowers default at higher rates

Analysis of federal data shows that African Americans continue to struggle more than other borrowers with repaying student loans -- despite heavy use of income-driven repayment programs.


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