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Essay on developing the concept for your dissertation

How can you best choose a dissertation topic and then create a plan for developing it? Sonja K. Foss and William Waters recommend that you embark on a conceptual conversation.

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Study finds first-time enrollment in graduate school is up 3.5 percent

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Study finds first-time graduate school enrollment is up 3.5 percent, the biggest annual increase since the Great Recession.

Study finds more dissertations are interdisciplinary, but not necessarily from faraway fields

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More doctoral students report that their dissertations extend beyond their primary discipline, but most aren't straying far from their original subject of study.

Essay on mindfulness during the academic job search


New Ph.D.s need to conquer the negative messages they hear from themselves, writes Sue Levine.

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Graduate Nursing Admissions Professionals (GNAP) Conference

Mon, 03/28/2016 to Wed, 03/30/2016


Orlando , Florida
United States


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