Graduate Education

Essay on seven steps to surviving grad school

Jennifer Schloss shares seven steps to keeping your enthusiasm high, and your doctoral education moving forward.

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Budget deal expected to alleviate automatic cuts to scientific research

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Advocates for higher education say Tuesday's accord would largely alleviate cuts to research funding and campus-based student aid programs.

New GRE data illustrate trends on future graduate students

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New data from ETS illustrate gaps by race and nationality in GRE scores, and differences between graduate population of Americans and non-Americans.

International grad enrollment is up, largely due to Indian students

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First-time international graduate enrollment is up 10 percent, largely due to students from India.

Paper argues more support for adjuncts won't cost much

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A new paper from the Delphi Project argues that some key ways colleges can support adjunct faculty don't cost anything, despite administrators' assertions that they can't afford to improve working conditions.

Survey compares views of graduate students at unionized and non-unionized campuses

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Study comparing grad students with and without collective bargaining for their teaching work finds that those with unions have better pay, and that they are just as close to their professors as those on other campuses.


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