American Historical Association report reveals harassment and demeaning behavior at its meetings

Historians join political scientists in documenting the unprofessional and illegal behavior women experience at annual gatherings.


Historians discuss ways to engage students on Ferguson protests

At annual meeting, historians discuss ways to engage students on protests in Ferguson, Mo., and elsewhere.


Number of history faculty job openings is declining, study finds

American Historical Association analysis sees drop for second year in a row.

Obama becomes latest politician to criticize a liberal arts discipline

President joins the ranks of politicians who suggest liberal arts disciplines don't lead to jobs.


Number of jobs in history drops 7.3%

After two years of gains, openings drop, and remain far below level of positions before the economic downturn.

As universities rush into online learning, one veteran player looks at its own performance

As Oregon State's distance education efforts grow, professors raise questions about who does the teaching, how they are paid and whether anyone has figured out how learning compares online and in person.

Appeals court rejects most of the government requests for documents at Boston College

Appeals court backs Boston College on most of the interview records on Northern Ireland that the British government (backed by U.S. authorities) wanted turned over.


Study identifies patterns by gender of senior historians' careers


Female historians who are married move to full professor at a slower pace than their single colleagues, new study finds. For male historians, a spouse appears to speed up promotion.

U. of Florida history professors fight differential tuition

History professors at the University of Florida fight back against idea that the state should use tuition to discourage enrollment in fields without immediate connection to jobs.


New College of the Humanities enrolls first class amidst questions on price and profits

New College of the Humanities, in London, seeks to meld the American liberal arts and Oxford tutorial models. But critics have focused on its £18,000 annual price tag and its corporate structure.



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