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Kaplan faculty union sparks new interest in for-profit unions for adjuncts

Could a contract for some Kaplan faculty in New York be a precedent?

Candidate negotiated out of a job responds to critics


'W.' attracted sympathy and ire last week when the story of her failed attempt at negotiating a tenure-track position went viral. Now she's addressing her critics.

IRS guidance on health care law clarifies formula for counting adjunct hours


Final IRS rules on employers' responsibility for health insurance requires colleges to credit adjuncts with 2.25 hours of work for each hour they teach; rules don't exempt student employees.

NYU offers to let election go forward on union for teaching assistants but not research assistants

NYU offers to permit election on collective bargaining for teaching assistants, but not for research assistants. Move marks shift for university, but union leader says it is based on "arbitrary distinctions."

Tufts adjuncts vote to form union, begin metro effort


Successful organizing drive by Tufts adjuncts is part of "metro" strategy being pushed in Boston area and elsewhere.

Adjunct union contracts ensure real gains including better pay


As unionization of those off the tenure track spreads, there are substantial gains in pay and benefits.

Study finds bias favors thinner graduate school applicants

It's not just that professor with the infamous tweet. Study finds that academics who interview graduate school candidates favor those who are thinner.

Colleges consider how delay of employer insurance rule will impact plans to cap adjuncts' hours


Surprising delay of key provision of Affordable Care Act gives colleges more time to plan and -- perhaps -- to get clarity from the IRS. But those that imposed caps on non-tenure-track faculty aren't lifting them, at least not yet.

Court ruling may help gay employees with partners in states without marriage equity


Federal judge's ruling involving community college professor suggests new legal strategy for same-sex couples who work in public higher ed in states that ban gay marriage.

Appeals court upholds dismissal of professor who talked about sex with students

Appeals court finds Slippery Rock U. was within its rights to dismiss a tenured professor for sex discussions with students on a spring break trip he led.


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