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Health care dominates discussion at HR meeting

At CUPA-HR meeting, one topic dominates discussions -- in sessions and the hallways.

Paper argues more support for adjuncts won't cost much

A new paper from the Delphi Project argues that some key ways colleges can support adjunct faculty don't cost anything, despite administrators' assertions that they can't afford to improve working conditions.

Emeritus colleges allow professors to stay engaged

With many professors balking at giving up their intellectual homes, some institutions create emeritus colleges.


Penn State backs down on health insurance requirements that set off faculty revolt

Amid faculty uproar, university abandons requirement that those who don't comply with annual health testing -- and complete a detailed health profile -- pay $100 a month.

Survey finds most colleges undecided on adjunct hours


Most colleges don't plan to alter use of those off tenure-track and haven't figured out how to decide if coverage would be required under the Affordable Care Act, survey finds.

College faulted for not considering childbirth a legitimate reason to miss class

Complaint says college violated Title IX by refusing to allow a student dealing with a high-risk pregnancy and delivery to miss some classes without penalty.

Penn State announces new health insurance surcharges for smokers, others

Penn State angered faculty when it mandated biometric tests for those on health insurance. Now it's charging extra to those who use tobacco. Faculty members -- including those who don't smoke -- are furious.

Why networking matters, and tips for reaching out (essay)

Trenda Boyum-Breen offers advice on forging relationships that can help you do your current job or prepare for your next one.

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How will colleges respond to extra year on health insurance requirement?


Could delay in health coverage requirement change the way many colleges have been limiting adjunct hours?


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