Chicago community college faculty object to idea of being fingerprinted daily

Should faculty be forced to check in every day by fingerprint? Chicago community college faculty members object to that possibility.


Council of American Studies Association backs boycott of Israeli universities


Council of American Studies Association endorses plan to cut ties to Israeli universities and urges its members to vote for such a move.


Study finds that Ph.D.s who write interdisciplinary dissertations earn less

If you combine two disciplines in your dissertation, you can expect to earn less than you would otherwise in the year after finishing your doctorate, study finds.

UNC institution looking at cutting physics, history, political science and more

One North Carolina university, prodded by the state, may kill its history, political science and physics majors, among others.


Faculty-sharing experiment is working out the kinks

A much-hyped faculty-sharing experiment among several small colleges seemed promising when it was announced a few years ago. But sharing isn't as straightforward at it seems.

Government shutdown curbs academic research at many levels

Research nationwide was interrupted Wednesday as the federal government shutdown continued for a second day.



Newspaper column on 'Death of an Adjunct' prompts debate


Adjuncts across the country share a newspaper column about the death of a longtime, penniless Duquesne U. instructor who they say illustrates the plight of part-time faculty.

Humanities doctoral programs show unexpected boost in new students

New graduate enrollments show modest increases overall, but doctoral programs in the humanities -- where the academic job market remains tough -- are showing larger gains.

MLA explores ideas to streamline letters of recommendation for academic jobs

Professors can spend hours each week, or in some cases each day, writing letters of recommendation for graduate students seeking jobs and postdocs. MLA asks if this time could be better spent.

Despite warnings that young scholars could be doomed by open access dissertations, evidence is mixed

There is some evidence that young scholars could hurt their chances at publication by posting dissertations online, but also concerns that lengthy embargoes could hurt scholarship and fail to recognize changes wrought by the Internet.


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