Author discusses new book on rise of the modern university

Author discusses new book on the evolution of the modern university.

Scholars in India demand that Harvard U Press drop its well-respected editor


Thousands of academics and others in India attack esteemed book series by Harvard U Press and its well-respected editor, a Columbia professor, because the project is in the U.S. and the editor has differed from Hindu nationalist teachings.

Philosophy association issues statement against bullying

Philosophy association issues statement against the way some scholars are being treated. Some praise the effort. Others fear it could limit free expression.

Study finds Australian universities have high demands for academics


Study analyzes job ads to show just how much is expected of an aspiring academic.

Report finds poor job market for history Ph.D.s

Openings are down and the number of new Ph.D.s in the field far outpaces available positions, report finds.

An American Shakespeare scholar, with new Ph.D. from British university, ends up detained over visa expiration


Why is Britain trying to deport an American who just earned his Ph.D. at U of Birmingham?

Is this the best acknowledgment section of a scholarly book?

Blog post about a scholar's anti-thank-you has lots of people talking.

Historians reject measure criticizing Israel

Scholars question idea that one country should be "singled out."

MLA attendees march to protest campus carry law

MLA members protest new state law at Texas Capitol -- and argue that guns have no place in college classrooms.

At MLA meeting, community college instructors discuss significance of their classrooms

At MLA meeting, instructors share philosophy behind their work -- and the practical challenges for new Ph.D.s who might not have a clue about teaching at an open admissions institution.


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