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Work-life balance seeps into discussions on leadership, too


A discussion about senior-level careers in technology reflects larger debates in higher ed and society about work-life balance, different styles of leadership and—only subtly—gender.

Anonymous Businesswoman Analyzing Statistical Business Reports on her Tablet PC at the Office, a Close Up

Colleges go offbeat for cybersecurity training


To appeal to students’ and employees’ “hearts and minds,” campus tech leaders experiment with unconventional strategies: festivals, art installations and role-playing games.

Cybersecurity clowns at Notre Dame's cybersecurity festival. One is wearing a red wig and red nose, and he has a QR code on his rainbow tie-dye shirt.

Survey on Campus Technology: Student Priorities and Problems

62% of students surveyed worry little (or not at all) about their college being targeted by cybersecurity breaches or cyberattacks, even though they could jeopardize their personal data.

Students value connectivity, convenience and being consulted about technology but have little concern about protecting institutional networks.

A student looks at an illuminated digital sign.

Post-Roe, colleges emphasize student digital privacy—or lack of it


Even as colleges adapt to the fall of Roe v. Wade, institutions have offered students a range of direct, indirect and sometimes outdated messaging about protecting medical information that could make them vulnerable.

A dark-haired young woman wearing headphones taps on a smart watch.

Ransomware attacks against higher ed increase

Colleges and universities experienced a surge in ransomware attacks in 2021, and those attacks had significant operational and financial costs, according to a new report.

A graphic of one person handing money to another person, who is giving the first person a key, symbolizing paying ransom after a cyberattack.

Butler County, Lewis and Clark Community Colleges hacked

Butler County and Lewis and Clark Community Colleges are the most recent victims in a spate of ransomware attacks targeting higher ed institutions.


Online program companies publish data to try to sway critics

With their industry under scrutiny, two companies publish data on student outcomes and prices of online programs at their partner colleges. But the information skirts key financial questions.


Google IT certificate program expands as more community colleges sign on

To bolster expanding online IT certificate program, Google plans to add career resources for students and to expand its community college partnerships and pathways to four-year degrees.

College profs say smartphones can help low-income students have academic success

An academic prompts debate after commenting on low-income students’ need for smartphones and how lack of access to the devices can hurt college performance.


Colleges rush to prepare for Amazon expansion


As Amazon green-lights two new headquarters in New York and Northern Virginia, universities and colleges scramble to create a talent pipeline for tens of thousands of high-paying tech jobs.



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