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Pennsylvania State U cyberattacks possibly part of larger trend, experts say


As Pennsylvania State University investigates two sets of sophisticated cyberattacks, IT security experts say more attacks are likely on the way.

Ohio 2-year colleges to share administrators in bid to cut operating costs

Two small two-year institutions in northwest Ohio craft plan to combine key administrative positions to save money. Officials say no merger is planned -- but faculty leaders are skeptical.

Education Department awards $75 million in innovation grants to colleges

Education Department awards its "First in the World" innovation grants, for which nearly 500 institutions applied. The 24 winners will share $75 million in available federal funding. 

Survey shows training and support remain top issues among IT officials


Chief information officers have for years said they care about training professors and students, but a new survey shows they have yet to figure out how.

Higher ed associations, disability rights groups clash over campus technology standards

Higher ed lobbying group and advocates for students with disabilities are at odds over a proposal that would require a federal agency to set guidelines for the accessibility of technology products on campus.

Kuali Foundation launches commercial service provider

The nonprofit Kuali Foundation launches a commercial service provider, 10 years after the community's formation.

In an unsettled ed-tech market, investments are easily found

Analysis shows deep-pocketed investors are searching for winners in an unsettled ed-tech market.

U. of Texas at Austin announces, then delays, plans to charge for Internet access

U. of Texas at Austin faces blowback against a plan to limit access to its "first class" network -- and force those who exceed bandwidth limits to endure almost unusable speeds.

Temple U.'s new information security policy puts data, not devices, first

At Temple University, protecting sensitive data comes before protecting the device used to access it.

Google ends automatic ad keyword scanning of university email accounts

Does Google's decision to stop scanning university email for ad keywords represent a watershed moment for privacy or a symbolic gesture?


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