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Researchers wait to see if students want transfer credits for MOOCs

As fall approaches, some campuses get ready to grant credit for MOOCs.

Citing disappointing student outcomes, San Jose State pauses work with Udacity

San Jose State's experiment with MOOC provider attracted enormous attention when it was launched. But students didn't do as well as they did in traditional classes.

Survey finds decline in the number of female chief information technology officers


Survey finds shrinkage in already-small pool in information technology in higher ed.

IT officials ponder Harvard's search of staff e-mail

IT experts are troubled by Harvard's search of administrators' e-mail -- and wonder why the university didn't have policies to prevent what happened.

Coursera and edX add universities and hope to expand global reach


Coursera and edX both double in size and look for larger international audiences.

Arizona St. and Knewton's grand experiment with adaptive learning

Knewton says its data-rich system can read students' minds. The company has landed Arizona State and Pearson as partners -- will the rest of higher education follow?

Survey finds online enrollments slow but continue to grow

Annual survey finds that enrollments in online courses and programs grew at 9.3 percent rate, lowest level in a decade -- and that campus officials don't know what to make of MOOCs.

Top-tier universities band together to offer credit-bearing, fully online courses

A consortium of top-tier universities announces fully online, non-MOOC, credit-bearing courses.

U.S. call for advice on publicly funded research reignites open access debates

White House solicitation about the government's role in making federally funded research available to the public rekindles debate over open access.

Using Big Data to Predict Online Student Success

An ambitious research project is proving the payoffs of predictive analytics in higher ed, and early findings overturn conventional wisdom about student success.


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