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Pressure mounts on colleges' ties to the firearms industry

St. Thomas in Florida forces out CFO who was on gun company's board as renewed focus on firearm investments has colleges quietly checking their portfolios.


#MeToo movement inspires similar campaigns among colleges

Administrators grapple with campus version of #MeToo movement in which students are publicly naming others and accusing them of sexual assault.


Cengage announces unlimited digital subscription

In a shift away from traditional publishing models, Cengage introduces an all-you-can-read subscription offer for digital course materials.


Q&A with author of book on the unequal higher ed landscape

New book explores how colleges were not created equal -- and how pressures have driven them to be even less so in recent decades.


State higher ed leaders call for better coordination on tuition

States lack coordination and clarity, according to survey finding more than two-thirds of respondents reported no unified approach to address affordability.


Many groups are reserving judgment on Trump's pick to head the Office for Civil Rights. With the exception of one issue

Many victims’ rights and civil rights groups are reserving judgment on Trump’s pick to lead the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, but advocates for Palestinian rights say his appointment could chill campus speech critical of Israel.


Education Dept. updates higher ed consumer tool, adds new comparison feature

The Department of Education rolls out updated information on its college transparency tool, including a new comparison feature.


Recent scandals show leaders failing to navigate acceptable behavior standards against changing mores

Whether it’s a phone call to an escort service, explosive allegations of dangerous drug binges or questions about turning a blind eye to a problematic situation, recent higher ed scandals lay bare the murky moral waters leaders must navigate.


Order on transgender troops could shake up service academies


Military academies have had transgender students, but impact of president's shift is unknown.


Report details major issues at University of Louisville Foundation

New report gives a blow-by-blow account of unbudgeted spending, unapproved action and endowment losses at University of Louisville's fund-raising arm.



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