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At second higher ed summit, Obama administration mixes praise and accountability

The summit underscores a tension in the Obama administration’s higher ed approach: how to promote colleges' and universities' successes while holding them more accountable. 


Higher ed, especially tuition, an issue in governors races

Higher education issues -- mostly tuition costs -- are showing up in governors races across the country.


In gainful employment fight, for-profits make familiar arguments against different landscape

Can a for-profit industry beset by growing legal and financial woes fend off the Obama administration's second try at gainful employment rules?

Gainful Lobbying art

Armed with federal data, Maryland goes after out-of-state distance education providers

Maryland fires off letters to large and small distance education providers alike in an attempt to find out who's teaching students in the state. Is this quality control or protectionism?


U. of the People earns accreditation, challenging view that agencies stifle innovation

An accrediting agency just approved a free, online university with a largely volunteer faculty. Is accreditation really the squelcher of experimentation it is made out to be?


Higher education associations stake out positions on ratings system

Higher ed associations start to take firmer stances against part of President Obama's proposal to rate colleges.

Debating role of student learning in federal ratings plan

At annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, much discussion – but no consensus – on how student learning outcomes might (or should) fit into a proposed federal ratings system.

In new book, California union president says public colleges can be free

Change everything about how higher ed is funded and public colleges can offer free tuition, a new book argues.


Obama speaks directly on for-profit higher education, noting concerns on sector

President, in direct remarks on the sector, notes concerns that some institutions "make out like a bandit," but calls for more scrutiny of colleges across the board.

President Obama proposes to link student aid to new ratings of colleges

President proposes new system to evaluate colleges -- and plan to offer greater Pell Grants and more favorable loans to those who attend institutions with the best rankings.



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