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Community colleges warm to free, self-paced course content

Community colleges talk up promise of free and self-paced online course content at two-year association's annual meeting.

Despite courtship Amherst decides to shy away from star MOOC provider


Declining a rare courtship from a top MOOC provider, Amherst sends the joint venture of Harvard and MIT packing. Professors say they didn't like where the project is taking higher education.

Florida legislation would require colleges to grant credit for some unaccredited courses


Florida lawmakers want to boost MOOCs and upend the traditional quality control system by letting state officials demand that public colleges grant credit for courses offered by unaccredited institutions.

Coursera begins to make money


Coursera, which made a name for itself offering free courses from elite universities, begins to make money.

The Minerva project plans for different kind of online education


In an era of free online classes, one university wants students to pay to fly across the world to be taught together online, by professors who may not be on campus. Will this model work? 

Bill Bowen's new book on MOOCs and online education

William Bowen, former Princeton president, argues in new book that technology can lower college costs, but there remain more questions than answers.

California academic leaders oppose outsourcing plan


Academic senates of California's three higher ed systems all now oppose plan to deal with overcrowding by outsourcing instruction and forcing colleges to award credit for programs that may be unaccredited and for-profit.

Coursera commits to admitting only elite universities


Many state universities and small liberal arts colleges that want to partner with Coursera may not want to wait by the phone.

U. of California faculty union says MOOCs undermine professors' intellectual property


At U. of California Santa Cruz, faculty leaders charge that Coursera's deals with instructors endanger hard won intellectual property rights.

California educational factions eye plan to offer MOOC credit at public colleges


As details emerge for plan to outsource some courses, idea attracts considerable interest and considerable faculty scrutiny.


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