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Distance education state reciprocity initiative prepares to welcome first members


An effort to simplify how institutions are authorized to operate in multiple states prepares to invite its first members.

Faculty members at San Jose State U. urge outside review of institution's governance


After a year of experimenting with online education, faculty members at San Jose State University raise the alarm about governance at the institution.



With fall pilot under way, Wake Forest U. joins 2U online course consortium

After months on the fence, Wake Forest University joins 2U's Semester Online consortium just as its fall pilot gets under way, but initial student interest at some institutions has been tepid.

After weeks of delays, San Jose State U. releases research report on online courses

San Jose State's study of its work using MOOCs to teach some course points to many problems not mentioned in last month's optimistic update.

More female professors experiment with MOOCs, but men still dominate


More female professors are experimenting with MOOCs, but men and STEM classes still dominate course offerings.

San Jose State U. posts improved online course results, but Udacity partnership remains on pause

Student performance is up, retention is down, and San Jose State University's partnership with a MOOC provider is still on pause for the fall.

UT-Austin psychology professors prepare "world's first" synchronous massive online course


Guided by student performance results, two psychology professors at the U. of Texas at Austin take their introductory course online in what they think is the first ever "SMOC."

Controversial California bill to outsource student learning dead until 2014 or later


Controversial California legislation that would have given a major boost to nontraditional forms of instruction is on hold for at least a year.

Citing disappointing student outcomes, San Jose State pauses work with Udacity

San Jose State's experiment with MOOC provider attracted enormous attention when it was launched. But students didn't do as well as they did in traditional classes.

Higher ed leaders urge slow down of MOOC train


Leading voices in higher ed start to urge more reflection and study of MOOCs -- with less emphasis on rushing to join a movement.


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