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Study: Students learn more in flipped classroom

The flipped classroom is gaining acceptance in higher education as an alternative to more traditional methods of teaching. In one study about the alternative method, students at a Norwegian college were interviewed about their learning experiences in a two-semester mathematics course -- the first semester was taught using a flipped classroom and the second semester using lectures; both contained a substantial amount of active learning.

Threat of rescinded federal funds prompts range of responses from online education experts

Department of Education’s inspector general says Western Governors University’s competency-based courses do not meet distance education rules. What does finding mean for online learning? Experts weigh in. 

Instructors use OER to take ownership over course materials

Those behind new open resources for intro economics course see a chance to keep field current while saving students money. Instructors in other disciplines also employing free content to better suit their course needs.

Loyola New Orleans Using InsideTrack Platform

Loyola University New Orleans announced a three-year deal with InsideTrack to develop a scalable, sustainable student success coaching program using InsideTrack’s uCoach Technology and Analytics Platform. InsideTrack now is coaching every first-year Loyola student; at the same time, the company is assessing Loyola's capabilities for deploying its own coaching, quality assurance and more, officials said in a statement.

Academics need to develop a digital presence to support their work

Laura Pasquini writes it is becoming increasingly vital for scholars to share their practices online and develop a digital presence to support their work.

Book advocates creating data faculty can use

As reported by Inside Higher Ed, many colleges don't lack for data on student performance. Administrators and faculty often find there is a measurement for nearly everything they and their students do as they strive to increase completion rates.

Education Dept. to back for-profit deals

As reported in Inside Higher Ed, the Trump administration's Education Department will sign off on controversial acquisitions of two large for-profit college chains, according to a report by BuzzFeed, which cited department emails the publication said it obtained.

Instructional designers think conducting research would improve their credibility

A new study suggests instructional designers think they would benefit from conducting research in the field of teaching and learning. But institutions and others don’t value their exploration, respondents say.

California community colleges partner With WGU

As reported by Inside Higher Ed, the California Community Colleges Board of Governors approved a new partnership with nonprofit Western Governors University that allows graduates from the 114 two-year institutions in the state to transfer and pursue discounted bachelor's degrees at the online-only institution.

Hybrid courses offer quick fix in disaster scenarios, but overall challenges remain

The benefits of classes blending online and in-person elements have higher education administrators considering their benefits during -- and well after -- catastrophic weather events.


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